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New (October, 2011):  Liberation Pychology - English Language Network

The Equality Trust   We believe that in order to gain substantial improvements in the real quality of life of the populations of developed countries it is necessary that differences in income and wealth are greatly reduced.  The evidence suggests that this will improve health, dramatically reduce the incidence of violence and a wide range of other social problems, improve the quality of social relations for the vast majority of the population, and make the task of developing sustainable economic systems very much easier.   Summary of key findings -  from the Guardian 13/3/09 double page spread.

Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion
 Policy initiative to consider transtion to a zero carbon economy in the context of a bioregional scale of analysis and action.

community confusions:
 A blog looking at the confusions, dangers and ideological issues around the use of the term "community"

UNIVERSITY-COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP "global networking platform for social action research". 
"Network of community practitioners, students and university faculty for sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices of university-community partnership. Our MISSION is to encourage involvement in community, promote participatory social action research, and endorse community leadership that is mindful of cultural diversity and welcomes the opportunity that this diversity brings."   

 Ignacio Martín-Baró Fund for Mental Health & Human Rights  'Our grants support progressive, grassroots groups throughout the world who are challenging institutional repression and confronting the mental health consequences of violence and injustice in their communities.'
Psychologists for Social Responsibility  North America based organisation campaigning for the responsible use of psychology for peace and justice (really good on psychologists and the war of terror).

The Coalition for an Ethical Psychology works to assure the independence of psychological ethics from government and other vested interests. To this end we combine intensive research with activism. The hallmark of the Coalition is the unmasking of policies that legitimate or provide cover for unethical psychologist involvement in the U.S. security system.   See the 10-Year "Psychology, Torture, and the APA" Timeline

Community study knowledge base  (Sydney Australia)  The community study knowledge base has resources for students who want to undertake a community directory, a community Profile, or a community study.
Building Commmunity, Collaboration, and Consensus    useful web based guide to methods  (USA)

Collection of articles on 'Disease mongering"  from Public Library of Science
- concerns the trend towards corporate definitions of diseases with a primary interest in making profits rather than a concern for public health.  also see http://www.diseasemongering.org/
Report on 4th International Conference on Liberation Social Psychology: Guatemala City November 2001
MST logo
Landless Workers Movement:  Brazil    Inspiring social movement - state of the art educational and literacy work, intentional communities, struggle against the rich, etc., etc.
Global research - Centre for Research on Globalization (Canada)  Brilliant myth busting investigations that help us understand the context in which we all are living.
The International Association for Community Development  (IACD)is an international non-profit, non-government membership organisation for people working in or supporting community development.
Critical Systems Thinking for Professionals & Citizens - part of Werner Ulrich's home page
David Smail's homepage.  Some useful links on power and psychology from a veteran British radical (originally psychotherapeutically orientated, but increasingly sceptical of the value of this acontextual kind of psychological consultation).
Community toolbox     Useful resources.
Publications of Enrique Dussel  - works of this fascinating Latin American philosopher and ethicist covering a wide range from theology through ethics to history and politics.   Many articles in English.
Race and Class / Institute of Race Relations:   good source of material on struggles against racism, xenophobia, and imperialism / globalisation.